Organizations Don’t Change, People Do

We help organizations to build change capability and role based change management competency. With the research-based Prosci®️ methodology we provide a structured process and easy-to-use tools to prepare yourself for change success. Interested?


Build your Change Capability and Competency

The People Side of Change empowers you with a proven step-by-step approach and all the training, resources and advisory services you need to make you and your organization change-ready.

Develop individual competency and skills to manage change

Become more succesfull at must-win change projects

Grow the organizations change capability and maturity

What is Change Management?

A Structured Approach to Implementing Change

Change management is the people side of organizational change—whether you’re fixing problems, responding to market trends or taking advantage of new opportunities. It focuses on ensuring that everyone who is impacted by this change embraces your new direction or adopts and learns to use your new systems and processes.

Change management is the perfect solution when you’re…

  • Tackling a must-win project
  • Implementing a change that affects people
  • Adressing resistance to your change

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We offer results-focused solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and organizational goals.

Solutions for Professionals

  • Change Practitioner Certification
  • Advanced Training Programs
  • (Virtual) Coaching
  • Cutting-edge tools and resources
  • Become part of the Prosci Practitioner Network

Solutions for Organizations

  • In-house Role based training programs to increase change competencies
  • Advisory services to develop change maturity and capability
  • An approach to embed change management in your organization
  • Consulting and coaching

The Prosci ADKAR Model

The World's Most Widely Adopted Individual Change Management Model

Prosci developed the ADKAR Model —the industry standard for change management practitioners worldwide— to give you a results-oriented approach for responding to a simple truth: company-wide change happens one person at a time.

Successful change and achieving organizational results are depended on how well people adapt. The ADKAR Model is a simple step-by-step approach that helps you and your organization achieve success, no matter how complex the system, process, approach or culture you need to transform.


Why You Should Work With Us

The People Side of Change is as invested in your success as you are. We strive for the highest quality possible and are always busy improving our skills to stay ahead. That assures you that you can only expect the best learning experience and change management advise possible.

THE Customers VOICE

What Customers Say About Us

Elo de Mul

Director of Services
City of Dordrecht

Elo de Mul

Looking back, a year after the change, many people are very satisfied with the change process and we did not even spent the entire budget. Our colleagues spontaneously say that they are positive about the change. The process went more smoothly than expected and their work has become more rewarding

Jeroen Jansen

Partner Success Manager

Jeroen Janssen

Being able to make good use of Microsoft’s services is very important for their customers to work better, faster and safer. Microsoft business is no longer just about selling licenses. Working on adopting the solutions and using a good Change Management methodology contributes to that success.