Thermo-Fisher Scientific – the Fortune 500 global powerhouse that brought in $14 billion in 2022 alone – was born out of one major 2006 merger and many acquisitions since. It’s a giant in all senses of the word: dominating the landscape, a powerful player…and potentially ponderous in the face of change. After all, for all the strengths of size and reach, a giant cannot pivot on a dime.

Merging business units can be quite a challenge, as Schiphol Group discovered. After a trepedatious start, however, the transition process took off with the help of the Prosci method. Still: “There’s more to it than just ticking the box and being done.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science by equipping their customers with accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, improving patient diagnostics and therapies or increasing productivity in their laboratories. To deliver successful project results and organizational benefits from their change initiatives, Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking for a vehicle to manage the people side of change.

The world is constantly changing and so is your business and your job. How do you manage that? If you think the change manager will get the job done, think again. Change is something that belongs to each and every one of us. A few years ago, in Erik Steketee’s Prosci Management course, Sean Hauge, Business Process Manager at mateco learned how to get your staff to embrace this idea. Sean developed a handy toolkit that he uses depending on whether he feels more or less resistance to change, with success.

“Digital go to Market” Transformation Manager Raoul Geijs shares how he is helping RHI Magnesita evolve its data-driven global team through ongoing changes and technological advances.*

It’s not uncommon for the implementation of new standard practices in a municipal government to turn into a series of mounting headaches. But the city of Leeuwarden figured out how to avoid the major pitfalls – with the help of the Prosci method.

How do you get up to 10.000 employees and stakeholders involved and engaged in what must be the biggest IT transformation until now? That is the challenge Rick and his colleagues are facing at ABN AMRO. The transformation ahead: bringing hundreds of programs and applications into the cloud and introducing DevOps: a new way of working.

Being able to make good use of Microsoft’s services is very important for their customers to work better, faster and safer. Microsoft business is no longer just about selling licenses. Working on adopting the solutions and using a good Change Management methodology contributes to that success. Jeroen Jansen, Partner Success Manager at Microsoft explains what Prosci means for the success of Microsoft and its partners.

From eight separate service counters for the 11 affiliated customer organizations to one central service office. With support from The Process Pros and The People Side of Change, the Drechtsteden Shared Services Center realized their ambition.

‘Looking back, a year after the change, many people are very satisfied with the change process and we did not even spent the entire budget. Our colleagues spontaneously say that they are positive about the change. The process went more smoothly than expected and their work has become more rewarding.’