Change Management Coaching

Support on your personal Change Management journey

Advisory and coaching for change roles

We know better than anyone that your role in a change process can be challenging. A Change Management Coach can help you with this. Whether you are a Change Management Practitioner, a manager whose team has been impacted by change or you have a Change Leader role; the better you fulfill your role, the greater the chance of success for a change! To focus on yourself as a professional and the further development of your competencies is a meaningful investment. Together with your Change Coach you will work on your personal challenge or coaching questions. Because you work with a coach, you will notice that you will further deepen your knowledge and that you will be able to apply it in practice with greater ease. Possible doubts, uncertainties and questions you may have can also be addressed if desired.

By receiving Change Management Coaching, in addition to previous training, you accelerate your learning process and you will be able to make maximum impact faster and better.

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Example questions for a Change Coaching Project

  • How do I fulfill my role as Change leader as effectively as possible?
  • How do I create as much impact in as little time possible?
  • “It’s been a while since I trained. Where do I start?” Where to begin!
  • How do I deal with the resistance in my team as effectively as possible?
  • I know what to do, but not exactly how
  • No one in the organization is taking his/her role in the change process, now what?
  • How do I ensure that the organization understands why a Change Manager is important?
  • “It’s been a while since I trained. Where do I start?” Where to begin!
  • “This project is already well underway. I’m short on time and what should I focus on? I don’t have much time and what should I focus on?

Who is Change Management Coaching for?

Research shows that when the people side of an initiative is properly guided, change processes are up to 6 times more likely to achieve the objectives (or even exceed them!).

This applies at the project level to achieve a specific desired result, but also at the level in building leadership competencies and strategic capability. 

Our Change Management Coach supports you virtually with the aim of; increasing your competences in your role in change projects.

The advantage of coaching is not only the development of your personal competences, but it will certainly have a positive influence on the course of the change initiative in the organization, as a result of which change capacity is also improved. So win-win!

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About Prosci coaches The People Side of Change

  • Experienced Certified Prosci Instructors
  • Industry experienced CMP practitioners
  • Professionally qualified coaches
  • Experienced of partnering with C-suite clients

Learning goals

During the 3, 6 or 9 sessions, you will;

  • Realizing the expected benefits and goals of the people side of a change process
  • Accelerate the achievement of results through the Change Management approach
  • Your ability to successfully apply and increase the Change Management approach
  • Learn how to engage and help others in the organization – from senior leaders to immediate supervisors and project teams – perform their role during change

Information and registration for Change Management Coaching

Do you want to find out if Change Management Coaching is something for you? Or would you like more information about registering, the availability of a coach and the costs? Schedule a discovery session (no strings attached) or send an email to We are happy to answer these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We connect you directly to your Change Management Expert to discuss the problems or questions you are facing.

You can get personalized advice in one-on-one coaching sessions.

About Change Coaching

Why would I use a Change Coach?

A Change Coach is a convenient option to get rapid support, coaching or advice on your change projects or challenges.

What level of experience does the Change Coach have?

Our Change Coach is a seasoned professional with years of experience solving business challenges for companies and organizations. The Change Coach is a hands-on practitioner with a deep understanding of Prosci change management.

Will I have the same Coach each time I use the Change Coaching service?

We make every effort to maintain the consistency of your Coach. You will be assigned the same expert for your packaged hours, but we are unable to guarantee the same expert will be available each time you request support.

What if I contract Change Coaching services and then discover the project requires more traditional contract support?

If it is determined the requirements go beyond the scope of the Change Coaching services, we will recommend the best training or consulting options according to your goals.

Is Change Coaching only available virtually?

Change Coaching is only a virtual service. The approach and fee structure reflect our ability to deliver timely and quality support to you and your team without the need to be on-site.

Is Change Coaching available globally?

Because it is virtual, Change Coaching is available to you and your team from anywhere in the world.

Are there limitations on the topics or business challenges?

Our Change Management experts and Change Coaches are experienced change management practitioners. They have expertise in a broad range of organizational development and business solutions development and implementation. If the scope assessment identifies a challenge beyond the capabilities of our team, we will partner with you to find a qualified resource.

Accessing Change Coaching

How do I sign up for Change Coaching?

To get started, you can plan a free discovery call with our Change Coach to see whether Change Coaching is for you.

How do I pay for Change Coaching services?

Payment for Change Coaching services is by credit card. You can purchase the amount of Change Coaching sessions as needed.

Can I be invoiced for the Change Coaching service or must I pay immediately?

Yes, you can be invoiced but payment is required before your Change Coaching services can begin. You can purchase Change Coaching time by the sessions (3,6 or 9). If you prefer customization, please feel free to reach out to us.

If I purchase more hours than I use, what happens to the remaining time?

Purchased time is nonrefundable and does not expire. If you don’t use all of your purchased time, you can save it for future Change Coaching support or another individual or team can use your hours. We will track your account and check in periodically if you have any unused time.

Typical consultations

Can I use Change Coaching for the creation of Change deliverables by the Change Coach?

No. Change Coaching is about supporting you in being able to manage changes yourself. About developing the necessary skills and competences yourself. If we take over, it is not beneficial for your learning process. We do however assist and support you with the development of high quality/fit-for-purpose deliverables and plans.

Can I use Change Coaching to prepare for challenging discussions with my sponsor?

? Yes. Your Change Coach can help you plan, prepare and practice a challenging discussion. We will help you drive the discussion toward understanding the root cause of the challenges and focusing on outcomes and achievable next steps.

Can the Change Coach help me build change capability within my organization?

Yes. Our experts have 10 or more years of experience working with organizations to build internal change capability.

Can the Change Coach facilitate a team meeting or a focus group?

Yes. We can facilitate a team meeting or a focus group virtually. We will simply require you to organize the appropriate technology to support the virtual facilitation.

Do you provide coaching for leaders/ CEO’s?

Yes. Our Change Coaches have years of experience working with senior leaders and executives. The Change Coach will partner with you to assess any leadership issues and develop an appropriate plan of action.

Are there any change management activities that would not be appropriate for Change Coaching?

The Change Coaching is a virtual consulting and coaching service. Most change management activities can be delivered virtually; however, there may be unique circumstances that require face-to-face interaction. The scope assessment will aim to uncover these unique circumstances. If virtual support is not the best approach, we will partner with you to identify an appropriate resource.

Can the Change Coach deliver training modules or workshops for our organization?

We offer several training programs (virtual and on location).

Your expert will be able to discuss the options and suggest the training program that meet your goals and learning needs. Licensing and other terms and conditions will apply if you are looking for training in the Prosci Change Management methodology.

Can I utilize Change Coaching for in-person coaching?

Change Coaching is a broad virtual coaching service. The scope assessment will help to determine if Change Coaching can successfully serve your needs. Change Coaching is always linked to a Change related challenge, but sometimes there is a fine line between jour business challenges and your personal ones. Personal topics can be addressed when linked to your professional development.

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