Develop Change Capability and Competency

When your organization needs to build change capability, adopt new processes or technologies, deliver meaningful results on key projects, or adapt to organization-wide changes, we support you with our Training and Advisory Solutions.

We deliver role based onsite training experiences that communicate the importance of change management to your entire organization and teach them how to effectively lead change. To support you in this journey and making it real, we support and coach you with our Advisory Workshops and Consulting.

Customized Change Management

Leverage a change management solution designed specifically for your organization, plus all the tools, resources and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Training, Coaching and Team Support

We come to you to deliver our hand-on training and help leaders, managers, supporting roles and employees understand their roles in driving effective change.

Results-Driven Methodologies

Whether you are delivering an important project or developing your change capability, we give you everything you need to effectively manage this change and deliver results.


Enterprise Change Management

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) is an organizational core competency that provides competitive differentiation and the ability to effectively adapt to the ever-changing world. An enterprise change management capability means effective change management is embedded into your organization’s roles, structures, processes, projects and leadership competencies.

Enterprise Change Management: Improve Your Organizations Change Capability

Change Management Solutions for Organizations

In-house Role Based Training

Advisory Services


In-house Role Based Training

Our role-based, research-based In-house Training programs teach individuals at every level of your organization how to play their unique roles during times of change. These programs are designed to help you apply change management to your existing projects, so you can realize immediate benefits.

Advisory Workshops & Consulting

Accelerate the results of your change initiatives and build organizational capability with expert help from our workshops, coaching and consulting. We partner with you and deliver tailored solutions that address your change management needs.

Build Organizational Capability
The purpose of this two-day workshop is to build organizational capability for managing multiple, often simultaneous projects and the resulting portfolio of changes
Develop Capability Strategy
The purpose of this two-day workshop is to align your change management effort with the strategic objectives of the organization.
Critical Initiative Measured Succes
The purpose of this workshop is to create a Change Scorecard for a critical initiative that defines and sets the foundation for measuring change success with clear and aligned outcomes
Training overview
Managers are the first example that employees look to when they need to adopt a change or understand how a change affects them personally.
Methodology Application Program
Prosci’s Methodology Application Program (MAP), designed for Prosci Practitioner Program graduates, teaches change practitioners how to leverage Prosci’s refreshed methodology (enhanced in 2021) for more successful change outcomes.
How do I sell (Prosci) Change Management?
How to convince the customer organization of the importance of change management (or read; adoption)? This workshop will take a closer look at it.
Prosci Practitioner Certification
Enjoy hands-on learning in this immersive three-day experience, applying holistic change management methodologies and tools to one of your projects.
Enterprise Change Management
Kick-start your change capability journey in this immersive one-day experience, learning levels of capability, define future states towards your desired organizational capability level
Briefing for senior executives
Provide senior leaders with the knowledge and ability to improve change outcomes
Integrate Change Management
Understand the importance of change management in meeting project objectives and with a common language for change
Orientation Program
This one day program gives employees the ability to process changes that are impacting them
Training Program
Deep dive into the cause of this natural reaction and the effect on people’s behavior