Effective Change Starts with You

Whether you’re in charge of a crucial project, responsible for implementing change in your department or organization, or seeking advancement in your career as a change practitioner, we have the right solutions for you and your organization

Become a certified change practitioner​

Join our Change Management Certification program and learn how to apply a structured methodology to drive change and gain access to the cutting-edge Prosci eToolkit.

Grow your skills and knowledge

Learn how to drive successful change in your career, on all of your projects, and throughout an entire organization. Start delivering change results, every time.

Next step:
take a deep dive

Grow your career in change management or deepen your knowledge with our series of advanced and next step trainings and workshops.


Research-based Methodology and Tools

The Prosci methodology and tools are research based. With our programs we bring you a robust suite of change management support tools.

With lessons gathered from thousands of experienced change practitioners worldwide, these tools are your secret weapon for solving critical challenges and positioning your organization for success.

Effective organizational change requires the right expertise, tools and resouces

Change Management Solutions for Change Professionals

Prosci Practitioner Certification

Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program is an interactive, three-day learning experience where participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. During the program, they apply Prosci’s holistic change management methodology to a current project. By the end of the program, participants have the foundation of a Change Management Plan to address and enhance a specific project. This program is available in both in-person and virtual instructor-led formats.

How do I sell (Prosci) Change Management?
How to convince the customer organization of the importance of change management (or read; adoption)? This workshop will take a closer look at it.
Enterprise Change Management
Kick-start your change capability journey in this immersive one-day experience, learning levels of capability, define future states towards your desired organizational capability level
Work smarter for better project outcomes
Step up your change management practice with advanced skills to improve your project results.
Advance your skills
Build change readiness and improve adoption
Methodology Application Program
Prosci’s Methodology Application Program (MAP), designed for Prosci Practitioner Program graduates, teaches change practitioners how to leverage Prosci’s refreshed methodology (enhanced in 2021) for more successful change outcomes.
Training Program
Deepen your understanding of change management and its value.
Advance your skills
Advance your skills for resolving persistent resistance to change.
Training Program
Deep dive into the cause of this natural reaction and the effect on people’s behavior
Change Management Workshop
In this workshop, Prosci provides the best practices and frameworks for applying change management in an Agile environment

The Customers VOICE

What professionals say about us

Gert van Bokhorst

Trouw Nutreco

Gert van Bokhorst

Great training, high quality and great trainer.



Denise Baremans

Great training. Lots of helpfull tools. It really helps to give words and structure to what I was already doing from gut feeling.

Adam Zieleskiewicz

Daimler Benz

Adam Zieleskiewicz

One of the best training courses I’ve attended. The trainer did an excellent job, couldn’tt be any better.


Change Manager

Marcel Vernooij

One of the best training programs that I have attended in my career. Experienced trainer who provides a lot of energy during the training.