ADKAR Model Mastery Level 1: Prevent Change Resistance

Build change readiness and improve adoption
Intended for
Prosci change management practitioners
Prosci 3-day Certification or Practitioner Program
1 day(s)
Online training

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Advance your skills

Prosci’s one-day ADKAR Model Mastery Level 1: Prevent Change Resistance program equips Prosci Change Practitioners with advanced skills for building and implementing the ADKAR Blueprint.

The ADKAR Blueprint provides a template for capturing the essential information needed to support ADKAR transitions for individuals and groups impacted by a change. This program that focuses on the ADKAR Blueprint enables you to:

Effectively engage change leaders to partner with you in developing and implementing the ADKAR Blueprint
Build change readiness by proactively preparing, equipping and supporting people to adopt and use a change
Anticipate root causes of barrier points to prevent potential sources of resistance and move the change forward

Use proven practices and activities, peer insights, and data-driven research to improve ADKAR outcomes, change readiness and adoption, while preventing or mitigating resistance.

Who should attend

The Resolve Change Barriers program is designed for both new and experienced practitioners wanting to skillfully conduct ADKAR Assessments, and effectively interpret and act on the results.

Prerequisites: Prosci Change Management Certification or Practitioner Program, plus ADKAR Model Mastery Level 1. You will get the most benefit from Level 2 if you take it 1 to 12 months after attending Level 1.

Learning objectives

  • Apply the ADKAR Model to Resolve Barriers – Reactively apply the ADKAR Model to address unavoidable resistance and resolve barriers to change.
  • Track ADKAR Outcomes – Conduct ADKAR Assessments to monitor the progress of individual and group transitions required to achieve ADKAR outcomes.
  • Analyze ADKAR Assessments – Identify the presence of persistent barrier points, and assess the associated risk to achieving ADKAR outcomes.
  • Resolve Persistent Barrier Points – Promote mindsets to effectively anticipate resistance, and implement adaptive actions to resolve persistent barrier points.

Training Materials

One-year subscription to digital content, guidance and resources in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite, including:

  • Knowledge Hub – Applying the ADKAR Model
  • Research Hub – Access to over 20 years of best practices in change management research including the
    Applications of ADKAR Research Study
  • Digital program workbook

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