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Prosci® 3-Phase Process for effective change management


Preparing for Change, Managing Change, Reinforcing Change™ – A structured companion to project management, the Prosci® 3-Phase Process brings a suite of turn-key tools and resources to your change objectives that easily scale and adapt to the unique characteristics of your change and of your organization.


Prosci’s 3-Phase Process works because of the embedded customization and scaling that you can accomplish with this process-driven methodology. The step-by-step process with accompanying tools and templates enables practitioners to quickly apply the methodology and scale the approach to meet the unique situation of the project or initiative they are applying it to.

Simply put, Prosci’s methodology is built so that you can use it. Since Prosci does not do change management consulting work, the methodology was created first and foremost with the end user in mind. Most importantly, Prosci’s 3-phase approach fully integrates individual change management using ADKAR® and organizational change management, to give a holistic solution for every level in the organization.


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