The ProcesCentrale (Rotterdam)

The ChangeCentrale is located in the Schiecentrale in the Lloydkwartier in Rotterdam

Schiehaven kade 162-164
3024 EZ Rotterdam

The Schiecentrale has several entrances; from the main entrance (at the water side) after entering, take the elevators on the right to the 6th floor.

It is easier to take the entrance at the back of the building. You will find this on the left around the corner at the Albert Heijn supermarket. Here you take the elevator to the 6th floor.

We do not recommend entering the building through the parking garage, not every entrance door opens into the correct part of the building.

Ring the bell via the rotary knob; look for the name De Processspecialisten or the number (162 or 164). Take the elevator to the 6th floor, here you ring the bell again at number 164.

The training room can be found on this gallery.

Directions (car)

The ChangeCentrale is easily accessible by car. You can park in the Q-park parking garage in the building (entrance next to Albert Heijn).

You can use the parking garage, but please note: You will need two parking tickets to drive out! First you use the card you received when entering the parking garage and then the card you received from the ProcessSpecialists.

Parking tickets

If you come by car, you can use the parking garage and we will provide the exit tickets.

Directions by public transportation

The ChangeCentrale is easily accessible by public transport:

From Rotterdam Central station, take tram 8 in the direction of Spangen

Get off at tram stop Pieter de Hoochweg. The Schiecentrale is the tall building across the road at the waterside