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Prosci® Sponsor Programme

‘Active and visible sponsorship is the number one contributor to overall project success’. This 4 – 6 hour programme equips Executives and Senior Leaders with the skills and techniques to lead and become the change sponsor your organization needs.

“Active and visible sponsorship” is more than simply authorizing resources, providing funding or kicking off a project with a fun event. This means that you as a leader have a vital part to play in the successful outcomes of the change initiatives you introduce. This program, tailored to your challenges helps you to learn and embrace your role so you achieve a better ROI, improve your chances of success and reduce the risk of failure.

Course information

This training enables you to strategically position projects for success through:


  • Learning the critical connection between change management and business results.
  • Fully understanding the role of effective executive sponsorship.
  • Building better support among key business leaders.

Who should attend?

Prosci’s® Change Management Sponsor Programme is designed for busy executives and senior leaders who serve as sponsors of business change. That is why it is limited to a maximum of 10 participants per session, is only 4-6 hours long and why, unless you prefer otherwise, it takes place in your own premises.