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The Prosci® Change Management Coaching for Managers

The Prosci® Change Management Coaching for Managers program is designed to help managers, supervisors and team leaders build specialist skills around leading change.

Research shows that managers and supervisors play a critical role in delivering effective change. Organizational change only takes effect when people change and it is managers and supervisors who facilitate that personal change. After all they are the people with the day-to-day contact with employees and so are best-placed to convey messages about the change and how it will personally impact an employee.

Thus the Prosci® Change Management Coaching for Managers programme equips managers and supervisors to effect this personal change. Building on the ADKAR™ Model, managers learn how to answer questions; proactively diagnose and manage resistance, and to develop plans and activities to effectively lead their employees through change.

Course information

This one-day program focuses on the power of guiding the individual through the change process, how to avoid common manager mistakes, and provides techniques for managing employee resistance to change.



  • Learn to use the ADKAR™ Model to coach individual employees through change.
  • Take part in role plays and exercises to learn how to manage employee resistance.
  • Develop the ability to lead employees through both radical and incremental change.

Who should attend?

The program for 6-25 people per session is ideal for any managers, supervisors and team-leaders who are responsible for overseeing change on the shop floor and so need to help their employees’ transition through the change. It is usually delivered on your premises, but the venue is at your discretion.