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Change management training programs

Prosci’s research has documented best practices, fail and succes factors of effective change management. The Prosci methodology provides a structured process and easy-to-use tools to prepare yourself for effective management of the people side of change. All our programs create an memorable expercience that fundamentally change the way you approach and think about change management.

Every program is:


  • highly interactive and engaging
  • connected to the participant’s jobs
  • fast paced
  • action-learning; designed to let you work on your own project
  • supported by real-life examples

We embrace learning by doing. During any program participants work on their own change project.
Our program contributes to developing a consistent application of tools and use of the methodology on an organizational level as well. Thereby we build the organization’s capability and competency to change effectively.

We can provide any program on your premises, but we welcome you to utilize our Change Factory in either Rotterdam or Amsterdam. These are inspiring locations, where paradigms are challenged and the change readiness is being nurtured.


The People Side of Change provides structured Prosci® Change Management Training for:





Advanced training programs

What people say about us

  • Ken

    “One of the best sessions for business training I have attended.  Well structured methodology for immediate impact.”

  • Catherine

    “After 14 years in the change management field, the best methodology I have found and a truly professional organization.”

  • Leslie

    “In the twenty-two years and over thirty some odd courses I have received, this was by far the best.”

  • Chris

    “Very easily the best, most educational learning experience in which I have ever participated.”

  • Jim

    Our trainer was articulate, poised, creative and professional in his facilitating role.  He was knowledgeable of the content and engaged the audience in a very competent manner.

Learn more about our training programs: They will build and improve your organization’s change competency. give us a call!

Together we will find out what’s the best program for your organization. All our programs create a memorable expercience that fundamentally change the way you approach and think about change management.

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