About The People Side of Change

We help organizations build change capability and competency from top-level executives to front-line employees with training and consultancy in Prosci’s methodology and tools. Based on their research, the Prosci methodology provides a structured process and easy-to-use tools to prepare yourself for effective change implementation.

Our name is derived from the most prominent factor of effective change management:

The number one obstacle to success for major change projects is employee resistance and the ineffective management of the people side of change.

We are a Primary Affiliate for Prosci® and offer a number of training programs and advisory services in change management. As a Primary Affiliate our trainers are trained and certified by the Prosci organization. We are skilled instructors and poised facilitators of Prosci’s change management programs.

With our training programs, we ground you in Prosci’s philosophy and principles to build your change management capability and competency.
The method and tools are effective because they are research-based, holistic and easy to use on any type of change. Prosci® is world-renowned for the ADKAR® Model that brings individuals and organisations through change where resistance is minimised and the process is accelerated.

The People Side of Change is initiated by consulting firms Gwynt and The Process Pros. We believe in practice what you preach. Both companies have integrated Prosci’s® change management methodology into the service offerings to provide a structured, people-focused approach and change management toolset. This approach addresses the key people issues, through assessing an individual’s or a group’s readiness to adapt effectively to change. Business change activities are then customized to transition employees from old ways of working to new – ensuring planned commercial business change benefits are effectively realised.

About Prosci

Founded in 1994, Prosci is the global leader in change management and the provider of choice for 80% of Fortune 100 companies. Prosci combines scientific research with the people side of change to deliver results-focused solutions that enable clients to achieve change outcomes and grow organizational change capability. Prosci maintains the world’s largest body of change management research—the basis for the company’s tools, methodologies, services, and role-based development programs. To date, Prosci has certified over 65,000 change management practitioners worldwide. The company is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, with offices in Halifax, Canada, and Sydney, Australia, and more than 25 certified Prosci Partners around the globe. Prosci is always expanding directly and through its partner network to ensure change success for clients no matter where they are located.
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