Organizations don’t change, people do


The People Side of Change is a Dutch company that helps organizations build internal competency to lead change, from top-level executives to front-line employees with training and consultancy in Prosci’s methodology and tools.

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Our programs contribute to developing a consistent use of the methodology and application of tools. We embrace learning by doing. So during any program participants work on their own change project.

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The Prosci® 3-Phase Process brings a suite of turn-key tools and resources to your change objectives that easily scale and adapt to the unique characteristics of your change and of your organization.

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Do your people have their own roads to change..?

Organizations don’t change, people do. With that in mind, the Prosci® ADKAR® Model is now one of the most widely used change management models in the world. It focuses on the transition of individuals as they are affected by change within an organization. It is an easy-to-use, process-driven model managers apply to groups and individuals to identify and remove barriers, mitigate resistance and equip people with the knowledge and abilities to make the transition successfully.

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Customers’ feedback

  • “One of the best sessions for business training I have attended.  Well structured methodology for immediate impact.”

  • “After 14 years in the change management field, the best methodology I have found and a truly professional organization.”

  • “In the twenty-two years and over thirty some odd courses I have received, this was by far the best.”

  • “Very easily the best, most educational learning experience in which I have ever participated.”

  • Our trainer was articulate, poised, creative and professional in his facilitating role.  He was knowledgeable of the content and engaged the audience in a very competent manner.


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Together we will find out what’s the best program for your organization. All our programs create a memorable expercience that fundamentally change the way you approach and think about change management.

Every program is:

  • highly interactive and engaging
  • connected to the participant’s jobs
  • fast paced
  • action-learning; designed to let you work on your own project
  • supported by real-life examples